Photo Etchings

Photo etchings

I think that the art and skill of photography has been slightly been lost with today’s digital ‘point, shoot and print’ attitude and advanced technology.  Therefore I find with photo etching that the patience and process of the darkroom is put back into digital photography, which to me, makes it become more of an art.

Photo etching is a process in which a negative photographic image is developed onto a zinc plate with a light sensitive layer on it.  Firstly the image is exposed onto the plate.  I choose the length of time I expose them for depending on the light and dark characteristics of the original photograph.  After exposure the plate is then developed in water for a certain amount of time. I then blot the plate dry and put it in a special dryer. The drying and blotting of the plate is crucial and needs to be done quickly and evenly to ensure no watermarks are left on the plate.

Once the plate is dry I will ink it up and roll it through a high pressure printing press with a sheet of dampened paper to ‘print’ the photo etching.

The prints have a beautiful timeless quality to them and great depth and texture in character.

The images below are not actually the prints themselves as they are currently being scanned, but they are the original images that I have done some etchings of.  The actual etchings will be on the website soon.