Jessica Mary Design was established in 2008. After several years of designing and making jewellery, selling to boutiques and private clients Jessica Rowles Nicholson set up her business having had valuable experience working in the jewellery market in London, Sri Lanka and studying goldsmithing in Florence at Alchimia Sculoa di Gioielleria.

The beauty of Jessica's designs is their emphasis on individuality and exclusivity. To create her collections she uses carefully sourced semi precious stones, materials, techniques and inspiration from her worldwide travels to Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Africa and Sri Lanka .


Each piece of jewellery is personally created by Jessica and is totally unique, depending on the materials available.  Jessica prides her work on her 'one of a kind' ethos; no two natural stones are ever the same, and due to the origins of the components, whether from an antique fair or a little shop in the Mexican hills you can be sure that you will never find anyone with the same piece that you have.


Much of Jessica's work is commissioned for fashion shows, weddings, jewellery parties and special birthday presents. Please dont hesitate to contact for bespoke pieces to suit preferred styles, tastes and special occassions!

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